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Bill Evans - "Starfish & The Moon" (1997)

fter providing an abundance of hard-edged, aggressive jazz-funk and jazz-rap on Live and Escape, Bill Evans surprised his followers by being so relaxed on Starfish and the Moon. This excellent, highly melodic CD was hailed as "Bill Evans' acoustic album," which was misleading because Starfish has its share of keyboards and synthesizers as well as electric bass and electric guitar. But it is accurate to say that the rap-free Starfish uses more acoustic instruments and less amplification than one had come to expect from the soprano and tenor saxophonist, who favors subtlety on such introspective, lyrical jazz-pop as "The Last Goodbye," "Something In the Rose" and "I'll Miss You." Even when he gets into a funk-minded groove on "Whiskey Talk" and "Shady Lady," Evans is moody and evocative rather than intense. Though the Chicago native had often played lyrically in the past, he was never as consistently restrained as he is on Starfish, a curve ball that was the last thing one would have expected to follow Escape.


01. Something in the Rose
02. Starfish & The Moon
03. Little Slow Poke
04. I'll Miss You
05. Whiskey Talk
06. The Last Goodbye
07. Red Dog
08. It's Only History
09. Big Blue Hat
10. Shady Lady


Bill Evans: Saxophones
Arto Tuncboyacian: Vocals,Percussion
David Blamires: Vocals
Caroline Leonhart: Vocals
Jim Beard: Piano,Hammond Organ,Synthesizer
Henry Hey: Keyboards
Adam Rogers: Acoustic & Electric Guitars,Mandolin
Jon Herrington: Acoustic & Electric Guitars,Acoustic Bass
James Genus: Acoustic Bass
Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums

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