Friday, September 26, 2008

Grafitti - Good Groove (feat. Dennis Chambers, Haakon Graf, Gary Grainger and Ulf Wakenius)

Grafitti - Good Groove is a collaborative band consisting of: Dennis Chambers on drums; Haakon Graf on keyboards; Gary Grainger on bass and Ulf Wakenius on guitars. Lipstick Records was first approached by Dennis Chambers, who had met us through several of our productions. The album had been released before in Norway and Japan, but had never been distributed and really promoted anywhere else in the world. Most of the tunes were written by Haakon Graf - who also organized the project. The musical concept of the band is very straight-forward: the energy and virtuosity of progressive rock combined with jazz harmonies and funk rhythms. The band toured live in Europe and the USA and will be playing together again as soon as the busy schedule of the members allows it.

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