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Jing Chi - 3D (2004)

The third album from the brilliant Jing Chi. This hugely talented outfit includes the magnificent blues-jazz guitarist Robben Ford, the great Vinnie Colaiuta on drums and the Yellowjackets' fabulous bassist Jimmy Haslip. Robert Cray joins the band, with a couple more special guest musicians. The result is .the ultimate jazz rock and blues fusion album. This is powerful stoff, and VHR by A.O.O.F.C. Check out Robben Ford's great 1972 album, "Discovering the Blues." and The Yellowjackets' 1991 album, "Greenhouse."


1. Colonel Panic
2. Chi Town
3. Move On
4. Hidden Treasure
5. Time is a Magazine
6. Mezzanine Blues
7. Blues Alley
8. I's Nobody's Fault But mine
9. Tangled Up


Robben Ford - Guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums, Cymbals, Logic and Reason Programming
Jimmy Haslip - Bass, Programming, Synths, Tambourine, Production
Steve Tavaglione - Sound Design, EWI, Soprano Sax
Larry Goldings - Organ
Jason Galuten - Programming, Synths
Robert Cray - Guitar, Vocals
David Kohls - Guitar Technician
Chad Fischer - Engineering
Judd Miller - Sound Design, EVI, Engineering
Rich Breen - Engineering, Mixing
Jaime Sickora - Engineering Assistance
MIchah Smith - Photography
RIch Breen - Photography
Dave Stephens - Cover Art, Graphics


Is it there are not enough good singers, that so many artists decide to leave the singer out and make an instrumental album? I have heard and reviewed several of them in the past weeks. Most of them tended to jazz / jazz rock / fusion, so I figured with the next one: yep, more of the same. Boy, am I relieved the second studio album of Jing Chi is somewhat different! Jing Chi is a power trio: Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Robben Ford (guitar), Jimmy Haslip (bass) and their second studio effort, 3D, comes out with a harder edge than their debut album. Besides the three, several guest musicians add their elements to the total sound, thus adding some ambient parts to the music. Although the fusion elements are around, there is also a distinct blues feel to the album, but also a more (prog) rock touch, such as in "Time Is A Magazine," with hints of King Crimson. I like the heavy drums and sharp guitar here. Haslip adds a funky bass to it and the many hooks and changes, make it a bit of a weird song, but a nice one. One songs stands out in a crowd: "It's Nobody's Fault But Mine." Interestingly enough, this song is not even composed by Jing Chi, but a cover of Blind Willie Johnson and believe me, this song alone justifies the purchase of the album! Cover or not, Jing Chi gives maybe their best performance here. Also this is the only vocal track, with none other than Robert Cray on vocals and guitar. In 14:38 Jing Chi brings their version of this song and it is fantastic! A nice blues rhythm and such great guitarparts, I'm glad the song lasts that long. The only drawback, again, is the music is not exactly close to progressive rock, although some parts are. Still, this is a very good album and worth a try. If you want to give any of the fusion rock albums a try, I'd go for this one. With a strong production, the album sounds great and as I said, it has a few gems on it. PPO Rating: 6/10, Review © Marcel Haster, August 2004 , [This review originally appeared at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.] © www.progressiveworld.net/jingchi2.html
Jing Chi's 3rd album is their finest work to date as these three musician's musicians reach uncharted musical territories. Master drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, Bass phenom Jimmy Haslip and Guitar legend Robben Ford combine their musical genius for another blistering set fueled by unbelievable ensemble and solo instrumental sections and extended jams that push the outer limits of jazz/blues/fusion. © 1996-2008, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates
The third Tone Center release by Jing Chi (a musical synergy between renowned guitarist Robben Ford, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and bassist Jimmy Haslip) is part jazz/fusion, part Jamband, and part blues rock, as the trio crosses musical boundaries over the eight instrumentals and one vocal track (with guest vocals by Robert Cray). On Jing Chi 3D, these three players contribute a virtuoso's command of their instruments, bring out the best in each others work as they play off each other during tradeoffs between phenomenal soloing and light ensemble segments. Copyright © 1996-2008 Guitar Nine Records All Rights Reserved


This fusion supergroup features Miles Davis alumnus Robben Ford on guitar, the Yellowjackets' Jimmy Haslip on bass, and veteran session drummer Vinnie Colaiuta. Their first album appeared in 2002 and was followed by a live set the next year titled Jing Chi Live at Yoshi's, which included guest appearances by keyboard player Otmaro Ruiz and Marc Russo on alto. © Wade Kergan, All Music Guide.

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