Thursday, September 25, 2008

Scott Henderson, Steve Smith & Victor Wooten - VitalTech Tones I & II

Guitarist Scott Henderson, drummer Steve Smith and bassist Victor Wooten have teamed up to show that great fusion lives, on Vital Tech Tones. There's a lot of electricity generated when these three giants get together. Yes, there are chops galore, so the weak-hearted among you might want to stay on the sidelines. For those brave enough, however, there await blazing grooves, blistering guitar and virtuoso solos that must be heard to be believed. From the heavy opening groove of "Crash Course" it is evident this project was not meant for the Adult Contemporary Happy Jazz crowd. From buzz saw-like power chords to soaring lead runs, Henderson's guitar work is stunning. Smith's thundering solos are evidence enough why he is at the top of his field, and Wooten is the most acrobatic bassist you'll find in the fusion firmament. The slamming "Snake Soda" features all three in a masterful performance of complex meters and solo feats of strength. Other powerful tracks include the slinky "Everglades," the Steve Morse sound-alike "King Twang" and the coolest rendition of Coltrane's "Giant Steps" in a long time.VTT2, is a fusion masterpiece in which they take their musical interplay to the next level. The end result is a virtuosic display of intuitive musicianship that pushes the envelope established by their critically acclaimed first album. VTT2 has everything from pure improvisational numbers ("Putainin' Tuh...", "Time Tunnel") to a hyper 180-beats-per-minute groove ("Nairobe Express") and harmonic marvels ("SubZero", "Chakmool-Ti"). VTT2 represents this trio's submission to the 2000 fusion renaissance. Instrumental Guitar (Electric/Fusion). (guitar9).PS. I can die after listening to Henderson's solo in Catch If You Can!

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