Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dennis Chambers, Jeff Berlin, Dave Fiuczynski, and T. Lavitz - Boston T. Party

These four jazz fusion artists give Boston T Party something to crow about. Ten tracks mean ten instrumental conversations; the quartet's original compositions are based in the blues, driven like fiery hard rock, and built upon the spontaneity of jazz. Dave Fiuczynski breathes with expressive fire. The action of his electric guitar adds a distinctive voice to the session that's filled with emotional depth and an easygoing demeanor. Dennis Chambers gives the session considerable force through his throbbing backbeats and consistent meters. He grabs hold of the unpredictable side of his bandmates' journey and comes up with something tangible. Similarly, Jeff Berlin pounds out a stomping rhythmic foundation that won't give an inch. His driving punch comes complete with heavy sustains and throbbing bass lines that reach way down low. T Lavitz layers each composition with keyboard colors that match its intended mood. From raging screams to serene rural landscapes, he's captured it all. A portion of the program runs fast, while other sections move nice and slow. "Deff 184" drives with fire in the eyes, giving everybody a powerful workout. "Constant Comment",�on the other hand, relies on repetition and a lengthy discourse on animated motion. The ensemble's mechanical take gives it a steely texture. Fiuczynski strikes a free blues conversation on "Around About Way" and "(Great) Ball of Issues" as he takes his wah-wah pedal to the max. There's a ton of excitement in every note. Berlin's "Foxy Moron" and "I Hate the Blues" offer a pleasant ride that comes laden with an inspiring rhythmic energy. The quartet's interpretation of "Emotional Squalor" midway through appropriately summarizes the session. Hearts go pounding and fingers fly. Chambers, Berlin, Fiuczynski, and Lavitz convincingly argue the role of fusion as they wrap dirty blues into a jam session that's loaded with expressive rhythms and an undying force.

Dennis Chambers - drums
Jeff Berlin - bass
Dave Fiuczynski - guitar
T. Lavitz - keyboards

01. D'funk'd
02.(Great) Ball of Issues
03.Around About Way
04.I Hate the Blues (But Here's One Anyway)
05.All Thought Out
06.Emotional Squalor
07.Deff 184
08.Last Trane
09.Constant Comment
10.Foxy Morons.

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