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Stuart Hamm - Outbound (2000)

Stuart Hamm, who has been recognized by Bass Player and Guitar Player magazines as one of the leading contemporary bassists of our time, and who has recorded and played with such inventive and inspiring musicians as Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai, is back with his fourth solo release. Featuring some searing guitar work by guests Mark McGee, Judah Gold and Tal Morris, Hamm puts most of the 'guitar' sound in himself, with both his array of 'named' basses and his keyboards. The CD was inspired by the sounds of the city, the urban funkiness, the ever present sound waves of traffic, the beats floating up the hill from the Castro and the birth of Hamm's daughter. Exploring new realms for the electric bass, "Outbound" is your one way ticket to discover where the bass is going in the 21st Century. Another clean album filled with lightning bass work from Stu, "Outbound" is thick with layered guitar, keyboard, and the aforementioned bass. While his technical skill is almost unrivaled, Hamm seems content to stay in the same Neo-Prog Rock groove for this album.

Stuart Hamm - Bass, Keyboards
Judah Gold - Guitar
Mark McGee - Guitar
Steve Smith - Drums

1. Outbound
2. ... Remember
3. The Castro Hustle
4. Star Spangled Banner
5. The Memo
6. The Tenacity of Genes and Dreams
7. Charlotte's Song
8. Better World
9. Further Down Market
10. Lydian (Just Enough for the City)

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