Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tom Scott - Apple Juice (vinyl rip)

Although a bit streaky, this is one of Tom Scott's better recordings of the 1980s. A live set with guitarists Eric Gale (whose bluesy playing is a strong asset) and Hugh McCracken, keyboardist Richard Tee, electric bassist Marcus Miller, drummer Steve Gadd and percussionist Ralph MacDonald, Scott sounds fine when playing tenor, although his decision to use the anonymous-sounding lyricon on some numbers is a mistake. Also on the minus side are Dr. John's cameo appearance singing "So White and So Funky," the repertoire in general (which includes four forgettable Scott originals), and some of the less imaginative rhythms.(AMG).

Tom Scott: Saxophone
Marcus Miller: Bass
Hugh McCracken: Guitar
Ralph MacDonald: Percussion
Steve Gadd: Drums
Eric Gales: Guitar
Richard Tee: Keyboards
Dr. John: Vocals

Track List:
1 Apple Juice
2 Gonna Do It Right
3 We Belong Together
4 So White and So Funky
5 Gettin' Up
6 In My Dreams
7 Instant Relief

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