Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jeff Beck - Live At Crossroads Festival (Bootleg)

Two little words stand for the consummate rock guitarist: Jeff Beck. While Clapton was pursuing the blues in his post-Yardbirds, pre-Cream years, Beck was branching out and making the big noise(s) that came to define modern rock--feedback, distortion, wails, etc. While Clapton was mellowing out circa '73, Beck was exploring his own fiery take on jazz-rock fusion. This night, shortly before sunset, Beck performed a "summation" of his career--some chunky rock, sizzling blues-influenced wailing, a soulful "Because We've Ended As Lovers", and an almost surreal "A Day in the Life" (yes, the Lennon/McBeatle tune). Unfortunately, Beck's keyboard player thought he was Jan Hammer with his twittering keys, and both bassist and drummer played…too darn much, the kind of numbing tirade that almost ruined fusion by the '80s. The bassist, Tal Wilkenfeld, was fun to watch. Though in her early 20s, she looked 14, and was loaded with infectious enthusiasm. Even Beck, who never spoke to the crowd, seemed impressed.

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