Sunday, January 25, 2009

Marco Minnemann - Comfortably Homeless

I am just beginning to discover the genius of Marco Minnemann's music, trust me when I say, this is not the typical output one would expect from a virtuoso drummer/band leader, on the contrary, the music here is not about Marco Minnemann the drummer extraordinaire, but a writer with a flare for the odd, extraneous aspects of both fusion and progressive musics. I'd go so far as to call him a visionary much the same way Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, John McLaughlin were. Minnemann's music is not at all like any of the aforementioned, maybe in spots here and there, but I have to say, he relly has his own thing going on here with Comfortably Homeless. Led by the exotic female vocals of an artist simply known as Artemis, the band creates outrageously zany, technical and chaotic music while she haunts the songs personality with her odd yet powerful voice. I listen to this cd and realize that there are still artists that are able to create original music that is not a derivative of obvious influences. Such is the case with Marco Minnemann, when this band is in full swing they are unbelievably tight, weaving the most demanding written pieces with audacious time signatures, not a cd for the toe tappers at all. I really cannot fully place this in either the fusion of progressive rock genres categorically, but the very essences of both genres are in full effect and then some here, along with the great music, is outstanding production, there are a lot of strange clips of tv shows, and sound effects that seep in and out, yet they are there for a purpose, and never take away from the pleasure of listening. While many bands are releasing great music that covers the full spectrum of progressive and fusion music, what you will hear on this is a fully complete product, I cannot stress enough the aural quality of this music, it isn't enough that it is unique and original, but the standards of the engineering are incredibly spacial, creating a large part of the musics contagiousness. Minnemann is credited as the bands writer, drummer and multi-instrumentalist. He is indeed a fantastic drummer, yet it is his writing prowess that makes this music special, and unique. I really look forward to discovering more of this prodigeous musician, and his musical exploits, as this truely is a mesmerizing listening experience. I cannot imagine how much time and effort was put into the conceptual developement of the music, the time needed for the mastering, mixing and engineering or the demands on the musicians to have created such complex art, yet I fully appreciate their efforts, if what you have read up until now sounds the least bit appealing to you the reader, do not hesitate to find this music, as you will be greatly rewarded.(ProGGnosis).

Artemis - Vocals
Peter Wölpl - Guitars
T.M. Stevens - Bass and Vocals
Fabio Trentini - Bass
Mario Brinkmann - Synthesizers, Sounds, Vocals
Johannes Kammann - Cello
Marco Minnemann - Drums, Programming, Guitars and Bass

Track List:
1. Kondome
2. Papers
3. Unlaw
4. Meter
5. Three In A Row
6. The Plane
7. Train Check
8. Threesome
9. Little Rock
10. Arpeggio (Part 1)
11. Arpeggio (Part 2)
12. Blue Light
13. Desoloista
14. Overloaded

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