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Marco Minnemann - Broken Orange

Minnemann was born in Hannover Germany, and started playing organ at the age of 6, then switched to drums and guitar at the same time at the age of 11. Marco's fame as one of the extraordinarily talented drummers and composers, reached him at the age of 19 all the way to Munich. The 'cross-over' band "Freaky Fukin' Weirdoz" offered him a position as drummer in 1992, in connection with a major deal with BMG Ariola. The "Weirdoz" were the originators of the so-called 'cross-elimination' style of playing, and are considered to be among the greatest pioneers of its modern sound. Also the "Weirdoz" had a gig with Nina Hagen on the album "Mao Mak Maa" where a fantastic cover version of Ian Dury's hit "Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick" was created. Marco was immediately booked to play a Nina Hagen tour. The successful collaboration with the "Weirdoz" ended in 1997 after Marco's having worked together on four albums: "Senseless Wonder", "Mao Mak Maa", Culture Shock" and "Hula". Almost simultaneously, an engagement with the Top Ten 'cross-over' band "H-Blockx" came up on the album "Fly Eyes". During 1997-1999, they played over 200 gigs together. Meanwhile, Marco's reputation as a talented drummer reached out worldwide. Prominent were solo workshops, for example, at the Frankfurt Music Fair, PASIC in Dallas, and a solo performance at the "Modern Drummer Festival" in New York, where Marco had the honor of being the first German drummer to display his talents there. This performance, in the eyes of professionals and music trade magazines, catapulted him into the Top Ten of the drumming world. Following Drumfest included the Australian TUDW fest and the Montreal Drumfest in Canada. Even while working with the "Weirdoz", Marco produced four albums with his band "Illegal Aliens", with the titles of: "Thickness", "Red Alibis", "Time" and "International Telephone". Since then, there have been 7 critically highly acclaimed solo albums:" The green Mindbomb", "Comfortably Homeless""Orchids", "Broken Orange", "Mieze" the 2CD set "Contraire de la chanson" and "Housewifedogand2kids", which are more on par with his talents as a multinstrumentalist, composer and Producer. "Motor" and "Normalizer" came out in 2003 in collaboration with the sound designer Mario Brinkmann and "Disarmed" along with Italian Bass Player Fabio Trentini followed in 2005. Moreover, Marco could follow his passion for Jazz and Funk by playing with the "Wolfgang Schmid's Kick" band. Schmid was ex-bassist in Doldinger's "Passport" and composer of numerous film soundtracks. Marco also co-produced and played instruments on Paddy Kellys (Kelly Family) solo CD which entered the charts in 2004 and played on the double platinum CD “Nena feat Nena”. Marco performed and recorded with artists such as: Paul Gilbert, Nena, Udo Lindenberg, H-Blockx, Mike Keneally, FFW, Gianna Nannini, Nina Hagen, Necrophagist, The Kelly Family and many more. His work as an educational book author along with Rick Gratton brought out 3 books including the award winning and in many magazines as #1 voted "Extreme Independence". Also one of his DVDs "Extreme Drumming" won polls and achieved Marco a Telly Award. He did a trio tour with Terry Bozzio and Chad Wackerman and on numerous clinic tours around the world. His educational book “Maximum Minnemann” is available since August 2006 and his new DVD "Marco Show" with feat Artists Mike Keneally, Bryan Beller and the Buddy Rich Big Band came out in 2007. His instructional DVD Extreme Drumming was published in 2003 by Warner Brothers. In October 2007, he was announced as a member of new band UKZ with Eddie Jobson (ex-Zappa), Trey Gunn (ex-King Crimson) and Alex Machacek (virtuoso guitar player). Marco toured with death metalists Necrophagist on the Summer Slaughter tour 2007 which is featured on their live DVD released in 2008. He's part of the KMB trio (Keneally/Minnemenn/Beller). An extensive KMB tour+recording is planned for 2009.

Marco Minnemann (Drums, Guitar, and Keys)
Steve Hamilton (Piano)
Fabio Trentini (Bass)
Jasmin Tautrine (Vocals)
Wolfgang Schmid (Bass)

Track List:

2.Crack in the Muscle
3.Friday Midi
5.The Beauty of One Note
8.Broken Orange
9.One Little Moment
11.Mr. Kempinski
12.Waiting For Boys and Girls
13.Forgot Your Name

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