Sunday, January 25, 2009

Victor Wooten - Soul Circus

This is another raucous funky family affair by this master of the bass, is building a strong solo career when he manages to extract himself from his duties with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. Victor is always about having a funky fun time and his music portrays that. His songs often incorporate numerous bass players and they all seem to be having fun, enjoying themselves while trading off licks. For instance on Bass Tribute there are a total of five bass players counting Victor, on his testament to those other bass players that inspired him. The music at times almost goes to an ethereal funky feel. (Though that may sound like a contradiction of terms it is carried out beautifully.) The burning question surrounding all of the bands that he plays with or heads is how does he manage to get so many notes off so quickly during his solos? He seems to do it faster than the fastest of guitar players on one of their screaming runs. As there is no video attached to this you will have to go and see him yourself to find out how he does it. He is rumored to have multiple sets of arms and hands (the picture on the cover of this disc does show him with 4 pair of each!!) you have to decide. But this is a wonderful joy ride through the spiritual world of funk and thoroughly enjoyable no matter how many hands he has.

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