Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kotikoski/Kleutgens/Colaiuta - Cave Men

Kotikoski/Kleutgens/Colaiuta - Cave Men

Featuring a teaming of guitarist Antti Kotikoski, bassist J.K. Kleutgens, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and sax man Steve Tavaglione, Cave Men offers a bounty of fusion tones and textures. All four players are world class musicians who are given tremendous amounts of space to showcase their talents. Kotikoski spreads angular legato lines all over the opener "5 For Eddie", while "Time Sensitive" fineds the guitarist taking a Holdsworthian-like spin through some ferocious bass and tenor sax lines. Colaiuta is at his best throughout the CD, with Germany's Drums and Percussion magazine even selecting Cave Men as one of its CDs of the month. Another great ansemble track is the eight-minute "Sanctuary" with Kotikoski and Tavaglione laying out a melodic framework for some otherworldly soloing to follow. Instrumental Guitar (Electric/Fusion) Info:

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