Sunday, January 25, 2009

Niacin - High Bias (1999)

Niacin features John Novello on Hammond B3 organ & keyboards, Billy Sheehan on bass and Dennis Chambers on drums. All are seriously accomplished musicians and play everything from rock, funk, jazz, fusion, progressive and beyond. They are an instrumental group, so the focus is obviously on interesting composition and inspired improvisation. And they do get into some pretty unbelievable improvisations throughout... without a question their playing will surely blow your mind. John Novello plays a mean B-3 organ a la Keith Emerson, etc. while Dennis Chambers provides a steady groove on the drums. Add bassist virtuoso Billy Sheehan (ex Mr BIG) and you have the band Niacin. CD also includes a few guest appearances (Chick Corea, Pat Torpey, Kenwood Dennard, Alex Acuna). This CD will take you through a variety of adventurous mood, tempo and style shifts. No real time on the album for deep relaxation as this album continuously moves throughout.

1. High Bias
2. Birdland
3. Slapped Silly
4. Montuno
5. Revenge
6. Cool to the Touch
7. Darkside
8. It's the Little Things
9. Soul Diversion
10. Who Cares If It's Raining
11. Hang Me Upside Down

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